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Dear Friends,

It’s only 1/2 way through Wednesday and already this week I have heard of two young people dying of a heart attack. I have met with 5 new people recently diagnosed with Cancer, nearly 1/2 dozen more diagnosed with Diabetes, heart disease, RA, etc. and others who don’t have any symptoms yet but clearly aren’t healthy. Just because you are free of symptoms does not mean you are healthy. In only once case did a Health Practitioner of these patients mention anything about Nutrition, refer them to a qualified Nutritionist/Health Practitioner etc. or remotely suggest that we can change our health through good nutrition and exercise, and quite frankly that is the norm, but it shouldn’t be.

We need health care not sick care, and you truly need to be your own health advocate. I commend anyone who’s being proactive about trying to prevent, reverse disease and change their health. Fight with your insurance company to pay for Healthy Eating Programs and Gym Memberships instead of just sick care which costs a lot more for everyone, and could cost you your life.

In my 35 plus years in the Health and Fitness industry – I’ve learn that most people think they are eating right and 9 times out of 10 they are not. They are sabotaged by cravings they can’t control and they are mis-informed on what to eat.

Take control of your health people before someone else does, and get help from someone who is experienced and qualified in HEALTH Care not just sick care. You know my mantra – You will spend the tme and the money either way – on health care or sick care. Which is better for you? None of us are guaranteed tomorrow no matter what your recent diagnosis is.

We all need to take care of this temporary earth suit so that we can wake up tomorrow with breath in our lungs, a beating heart and blood running through our veins! Spend the time and the money being proactive – or spend your time and money on drugs, doctor appointments, diagnostic tests, surgeries etc. You are still living. LIVE. And give it your all.

Come to a free Healthy Eating Seminar and bring your friends. I will give them the Raw Truth, even if it’s difficult to hear.

With His Love,


Phil 4:13

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