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Hello Friends,

By now you know that I will be joining Catalyst Fitness starting Monday 2/27/17.  Again as I said in my last blog, I will always be grateful for the memories and opportunities I had at the BAC, and all is good between us.  There is mutual respect on both sides and I will finish out my Recharge Healthy eating classes there over the next few weeks.

To the members, God places people in your life for a reason and I know our paths will cross again – so this isn’t goodbye, just like it wasn’t goodbye at Bally Total Fitness.  The bottom line is that it is simply time to move on where I can have more opportunity to live out what I believe is my calling.  I am excited about this new Chapter!

Many of your have dual memberships or are now getting dual memberships and it is a great way to stay motivated, connected with your like minded friends, and in shape!  Jeff and I have had 2-3 memberships at any given time as the rates are so reasonable these days, and you know my philosophy – you will spend the time and the money either way – health care of sick care – which is better for you?  I’d rather spend my time and money toward health care!

My Raw Truth Recharge Healthy Eating classes, Raw Truth Recharge Seminars, and my Signature Raw NRG Fitness Classes will then be offered at Catalyst.  My Healthy Eating classes will also continue to be offered at medical practices and I will be working out of the Fountain Wellness Center as soon as that is ready as well.  Look for details on my spring free health seminars and Healthy Eating classes soon as we start up again in March!

There have been a lot of questions about my classes, the clubs, and membership at Catalyst, so I wanted you to hear it from me.  First – Catalyst is graciously allowing anyone who is following me to try out the clubs or my classes without a commitment or signing a membership.  Simply tell them when you come in that I sent you and that you want to try out the club and my classes.  As always, my class size is limited to the room capacity, and first come first serve.  I’ve taught in Manhattan and on a cruise ship as you know so no room is too small (or too large) for me!  We always have made it work, and where there’s a will there’s a way.

Second – The membership at Catalyst currently is $19.99 per month all 6 locations all amenities including my classes.  There is also maintenance fee of $30.00 which is due once per year.  Now be sure to let them know you are following me as there is a $0 dollar enrollment fee!  That’s right – the enrollment fee is waived if you are joining because of my classes (for a limited time), even if you aren’t coming from another gym.  That’s great news for your friends, children and significant others who have been wanting to work out with you in my class!

Third – Many have asked if I can have my evening classes at the Williamsville location and yes that is in discussion and a possibility.  We wanted to put out a preliminary schedule that matched my current classes and then see where the majority of the people are coming from.  Since many of my current followers come from the Eggert/Sheridan/NF Blvd area and have been asking for years to get my class back out there – we thought we would start there.

My current preliminary schedule is as follows:

Mon/Wed 10:45am – Williamsville Raw Cuts Scuplt followed by 11:45am Raw Truth Yoga

Mon/Wed 6:30pm – Eggert/Sheridan Raw NRG HIIT Kickboxing

Saturday 1:00pm – Williamsville Raw NRG HIIT Kickboxing

Again you can come in and try any of these classes next week with no commitment or fee.

I can’t wait to laugh and sweat with my long time friends and meet new friends!  Jeff and I hope to see you all next Monday!  I am rested mentally and physically from our trip and ready to rock it!  Let’s take care of these temporary earth suits that we have been entrusted with and have a great time with great friends!

God Bless you all,


Phil 4:13



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