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Hello Friends,

I hope this finds you well!  If you haven’t heard the Trim Tea is the newest rage and for good reason!  It is science based, has been published in Pub Med and it is the real deal.  People are getting amazing results!  30,000 boxes sold out in 2 hours!

Order it today before it’s sold out again!  

Trim Tea cost is $39.95 plus S&H comes to $44.95

There are two ways to order:

  1. Go to my Nutrametrix web site – log in (register as a new or current preferred customer) and have it shipped right to your door!  Our web site is if you are a new customer from classes, DNA etc.  we set your password up as “America”.  You can change that password once you get in.  You can also shop around the web site and look at all the other pharmaceutical grade supplements we have to keep you body running on all cylinders from Certified Aloe to OPC3 and everything in between!
  2. If you live in the Buffalo NY area and want us to order on the website for you fill out this google form and you can pick your order up at the Fountain Wellness Center when your order is in:

***It is recommended that you take the tea for 10 weeks so you are better off ordering 3 boxes ahead in case it is sold out again.

🔥Supports leptin sensitivity to help manage hunger and stimulate lipolysis
🔥Helps curb appetite
🔥May promote a feeling of fullness
🔥Promotes healthy weight management
🔥Supports/helps promote weight loss
🔥Supports metabolic balance and wellness
🔥Moderates enzyme activity to reduce the amount of ingested starches that are converted to triglycerides and stored as fat
🔥Supports levels of adiponectin to help maintain healthy insulin sensitivity
🔥Helps maintain normal blood sugar levels
🔥Helps maintain normal insulin activity
🔥Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels
🔥Supports cardiovascular health

Studies showed:
• 80.9% reduction in fat production
• 51.7% reduction in C-Reactive Protein Levels
• 22.5% reduction in blood glucose levels
• 26.3% reduction in total Cholesterol
• 27.2% reduction in LDL Cholesterol

TLS TRIM TEA is a gluten-free, thermogenic slimming tea formulated to promote a multifunctional approach to weight management support. It contains 2 natural, clinically tested ingredients: WellTrim® iG and black tea extract…..that’s it. No sugar, no garbage, no unnecessary ingredients.
Clinical studies on WellTrim® iG have shown amazing results! In one study (double-blind, placebo-controlled) participants lost:
28 lbs and 6.3% body fat in 10 WEEKS!

WellTrim® iG, is a natural, clinically tested African mango seed extract for weight loss and metabolic wellness.
Study participants noticed on average 9 pounds weight loss in the first 4 weeks. The mechanism behind IG’s weight loss in metabolic repair and increase of the hormone adiponectin. This took GREATER than 4 weeks to occur.
It has also shown in research studies to promote feelings of fullness.
Black tea extract enhances TLS Trim Tea as it contains antioxidants that have been shown to provide cardiovascular health support.
Perfect to drink a cup of tea a day before your largest meal throughout this upcoming holiday season! Keep weight OFF this season or even loose some without changing anything else!  And it has a pleasant taste!  To me it tastes like a combination of black coffee and black tea.



We’ve been having so much fun in our Raw Truth Healthy Cooking Classes!  Our December Cooking class is a Festive one!  You will even be able to taste TRIM TEA and sample Healthy desserts!!

**Wednesday December 13th at 6pm at The Fountain Wellness Center or

**Thursday December 14th at 12pm at the same location.

You can sample three healthy desserts, get the recipes, and see how they are made with Robbie and Company, but sample the TRIM TEA!

Cost is $35.00 for pre-registration pre-paid 5 days prior or $40.00 after.  Must pre-register at least 3 days prior. No walk-ins please.  Space is limited so don’t wait!  Email to reserve your spot!




Speaking of gifts we have gift certificates for the following:

**Gift Certificates for Health Nutrition and Fitness DNA testing!!  2 for one available now through 12/31!  Retails for 479.00 now $250 per person or two for $500.00! (see previous blogs for more info).

**Trim Tea!

**Gift Certificates for two private consults or 4 Group Consults with Robbie for 99.00 (offer expires 12/31)

**Raw NRG Workout DVD’s – order from this web site.

**Robbie’s Book complete with all her secrets, recipes and signature detox! The Raw Truth Recharge – 7 Truths to Health and Fitness Book available on Amazon

**Gift Certificates for Cooking Classes with Robbie and Company

**Gift Certificates for 7-10 detox and Supermarket Tour with Robbie and Company starting at $25.00 per session for group classes.

**Gift Certificates for 4-8-12 week Healthy Eating classes with Robbie and Company starting at $25.00 per session for group classes

**Catalyst Fitness Memberships and Personal Training Packages.  Call any of the Catalyst Fitness clubs for details on their amazing memberships and come and take my classes and “Activate your Life”!  Let them know Robbie sent you!



Stay tuned for more info and locations on our our 2018 Free Health Seminars – 7-10 day Detox – 21 day detox – and 4-8-12 week Healthy Eating Classes!  We will have dates and locations listed soon!



Our new office is now at The Fountain Wellness Center – 8469 Sheridan Drive – Williamsville, NY 14221

Consults are by appointment only.  Email Robbie at for more info



Retail price 479.00 per person on line.  Our Holiday special two for $500.00 ($250.00 per person)

We offer genetic sports and nutrition testing to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  What does this mean?

Your genes can affect your energy, motivation, metabolism, injury risk, recovery, mental focus, eating habits, pain intolerance, aerobic capacity, food intolerance, body composition, nutrition requirements, exercise performance and more.  You can’t change your DNA but you can change the way they express themselves based on food and nutraceuticals, which in turn directly affects your health, well-being and body composition.

We can now develop personalized recommendations for your health, nutrition, workout, and more all based on your unique genetic profile with comprehensive genetic test with up to 90 genetic markers developed by world-renowned researchers. The genetic tests are based on the most robust scientific evidence available.

Your DNA is analyzed using a simple saliva sample to provide you a solution for your weight loss, muscle gain, nutrition needs, fitness and over all health.

Weight Loss/Body Composition

For those who desire weight loss – using the findings of the nutrigenomic tests, we can develop a genetically appropriate diet plan just for you so you can give your body what it needs and finally get the results you’ve always wanted!

You will receive food recommendations, meal plan samples, macronutrient breakdown, caloric needs, vitamin & mineral suggestions and more!

**We offer the best world class test: 

The Genomaxx TM Nutrition and Fitness which has two different tests to choose from:

A) The Genomaxx Trim:

This DNA analysis and 12-week plan examines 90+ SNPs associated with nutrition and fitness related genes that will give you a unique genetic insight to boost your metabolism and reshape your physique tailored to your genotype.  Increase Energy & Well Being and so much more with the results of this!

Retail Price $479.00

**Our 2017 price is $299.00 but right now you can get tested for the special price of $250.00 if you purchase with a friend. Two for one offer only good until 12/31

B) The Genomaxx Gain Mass Version:

This DNA analysis and 12-week plan examines 90+ SNPs associated with nutrition and fitness related genes that help with increasing muscle mass and recovery through periodization and progressive overload.

Retail Price $479.00

**Our 2017 price is $299.00 but right now you can get tested for the special price of $250.00 if you purchase with a friend.  Two for one offer good only until 12/31

Don’t miss out! Contact and take advantage of this awesome special!


RADIO – Tune in!

Tune into The Raw Truth on Faith Family Food Fitness and Health every Saturday to get motivated with your Health and Fitness Goals!  We are on

**ESPN Radio 1520AM every Saturday at 9;30am (it’s always on demand also on the Entercom web site) 

and also

**WDCX radio every Saturday at 11am 99.5FM or 970AM streaming live on your phone or device at!


I pray you all have a blessed Holiday filled with peace, love, joy, happiness, prosperity and health.

With Gods Love,


Board Certified Integrative Health & Nutrition Practitioner
Host of The Raugh Truth Health and Fitness WDCX 99.5FM every Saturday at 11am and streaming live world wide on and also host of 
ESPN AM 1520 radio every Saturday 9:30am
Certified Fitness Trainer Catalyst Fitness
Motivational Health and Fitness Speaker
Book – The Raw Truth Recharge on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles

Trim Tea and Supplements:

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Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.  Proverbs 16:3
“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet & in the cause and prevention of disease.” 
~ Thomas Edison



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