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Your High Performance and Leadership Strategies for 2018


Dear Friends –

Welcome to 2018! To kick off your new year with some new practical tools and inspiration, I am inviting you to a free online summit entitled, Level-Up Your Leadership: High Performance Strategies to Ignite New Levels of Success and Fulfillment in Your Professional and Personal Life. I am so pleased to be a part of this summit as a featured expert and to introduce you to the host, Kirstin Lowry Sommers.

Click here to see a quick video about the summit and to register for it.

TOPICS: Below are just some of the topics in this comprehensive interview series, designed to give you additional tools to achieve new levels of success and fulfillment at work and home:

  • Proven methods to achieve success and happiness
  • Lead forward for greater visibility, connection and influence
  • Neuroscience and mindfulness techniques to level-up performance and reduce stress
  • Empower yourself while dealing with challenges, transitions and the unexpected
  • Pivot and transition with new found grace and strength
  • Use your passion, diversity and imperfections to fuel your trajectory and legacy

AUTHENTIC INTERVIEWS & REAL STORIES: Through short, conversational interviews, experts share their successes as well as moments of challenge, disappointment, and failure:

  • CEOs share their stories of being unexpectedly fired, their recovery, and how they came back stronger than ever.
  • A Neurosurgeon shares how she was not initially selected into her specialty program of study, and how she persevered and overcame; she shares her success secrets.
  • Leaders and Entrepreneurs share decisions to risk it all in pursuit of purpose and passion, despite fears and guilt; they share the helpful advice they received.
  • Underdog Leaders” talk about how they pushed through the odds, their fears, depression, exhaustion, and the little steps they took every day to do so….


REGISTER at this link Once registered, check your email to confirm that “you’re in”. Then you will be able to listen or watch from anywhere. You will also gain access to some complimentary gifts and resources to support your performance and leadership, even after the summit is over.

I look forward to sharing this with you!

Robbie Raugh, RN; Integrative Health and Nutrition Practitioner

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