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Hello Everyone,

I hope and pray you are well, enjoying the summer and staying safe!  Well there is so many great things happening I wanted to give you another update!

The Fountain Wellness Center

First – The Fountain Wellness Center is finally opened and this is where my new Raw Truth offices are along with many other practices and services along with Dr. Sarah Capadagli from CorrEra PT, and Pure Organic Salon!

I see patients for Nutrition, Health, Weight loss etc. and the DNA genetic tests are flying off the shelf (see previous blog for info on that)!  Mark your calendar – our official grand opening will be August 5th and we hope to see you all there!

My FREE Detox and DNA Genetic Testing Seminar this Saturday July 8th 2:15pm at Catalyst Fitness Williamsville.  All are invited to hear about the advantages of a 7 day Detox and also the new DNA Genetic Testing to help you reach your health and fitness goals!  See previous blog for more information! You will have the chance to purchase the new summer day 7 day detox complete with recipes, menus, shopping lists etc.

ESPN Radio

I am so excited to announce that effective August 5th I’ll have a Raw Truth show on ESPN Radio AM1520 at 9:30am Saturday mornings in addition to my show on WDCX radio Saturday’s at 11am!  God has been continually at work, he never ceases to amaze me, and I am so grateful for this awesome opportunity.   I am grateful for my sponsors and supporters of The Raw Truth on WDCX radio – and some of them will be joining me on ESPN as well which I’m so excited about!  See below for the business’s I know, trust and love.

Sponsors of The Raw Truth

Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine – Dr. Michael and Corine Cicchetti – 716 – 626-0093

Catalyst Fitness (All locations) – 716- 626-1963

Inner Balance Chiropractic – Dr. Allison Cummings – 716-210-1060

CorrEra PT – Dr. Sarah Capadagli – 716-498-2677

Westermeier Martin Dental – 716- 655-5000

Donna Littlefield – Realty USA – 716- 578-1788

Rich Littlefield – Autostars Auto & Collision – 716 -877-2892

The Aesthetic Associate Center – Dr. Sam Shatkin – 716-839-1700

The Wellness Advantage – Lara Frendjian (Canada) – 416- 315 – 8001

Mosaic Chiropractic – Dr. David Harper (Canada) – 844-668-3935

HomeRun Creative Services – 716-574-1595

WaterCure USA – Drew Ortman – 716- 946-3598

Pine Pharmacy – 716 – 332-2288


Raw Kickboxing Canal Side Classes

I’ll be teaching again at Canalside Wednesday July 12th at 6:30pm in conjunction with Catalyst Fitness!  It’s free, fun and we hope to see you all there!

Kingdom Bound – July 26th-29th

So excited to once again be presenting at Kingdom Bound this year!  I hope you all stay over night and hang out with us at Darien Lake! Make sure you get your tickets early for the best prices as it’s right around the corner!!  Come and say hello at the WDCX tent where Neil Boron will be broadcasting live everyday from 3-6pm, and Keri Cardinal will be singing and speaking as well!  The Raw Truth seminars are Thursday-Saturday in the WDCX tent at 1:30pm!  Hope to see you all there!  Go to!

And I hope to see you at my Catalyst Fitness Classes!  Not a member?  No problem – come and be my guest!  Take care of your temporary earth suit!

Speaking of which – if you haven’t read my book you better pick it up! Get those healthy recipes going! You can find the book on Amazon, at Pine Pharmacy, Feel Rite Fresh Markets, Cornerstone Book Store in Canada and more.   The Raw Truth Recharge – 7 Truths to Health and Fitness!  Faith, Family, Food, Fitness, Detox, Sleep and Stress Management and how they are all vital to your health!

God Bless you all –



Phil 4:13

Hello Friends!

We hope this finds you well!  There’s so much we need to tell you and we are so excited but first things first! So it’s summertime and we are always looking for ways to help you! Are you having trouble losing weight or staying healthy? Maybe you just want to be the best you can be! Get DNA Genetic Testing done & find out what your body needs!  Get the truth – The Raw Truth on what your body needs to function optimally and be lean and mean!

Genetic DNA Fitness and Nutrition Testing  

We offer genetic sports and nutrition testing to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  What does this mean?

Your genes can affect your energy, motivation, metabolism, injury risk, recovery, mental focus, eating habits, pain intolerance, aerobic capacity, food intolerance, body composition, nutrition requirements, exercise performance and more.  You can’t change your DNA but you can change the way they express themselves based on food and nutraceuticals, which in turn directly affects your health, well-being and body composition.

We can now develop personalized recommendations for your health, nutrition, workout, and more all based on your unique genetic profile with comprehensive genetic test with up to 90 genetic markers developed by world-renowned researchers. The genetic tests are based on the most robust scientific evidence available.

Your DNA is analyzed using a simple saliva sample to provide you a solution for your weight loss, muscle gain, nutrition needs, fitness and over all health.


Weight Loss/Body Composition

For those who desire weight loss – using the findings of the nutrigenomic tests, we can develop a genetically appropriate diet plan allowing you to lose up to 3x more weight as compared to using a conventional diet plan.

You will receive food recommendations, meal plan samples, macronutrient breakdown, caloric needs, vitamin & mineral suggestions and more!


**We offer two different world class tests:

1) Genomaxx TM Nutrition and Fitness Testing


2) Pathway FIT®  Nutrition Testing

We will determine what test best fits your needs and goals.


Test #1 Pathway Fit® Nutrition text:

Here’s what you can find out about your nutritional needs:

  • The rate at which your body metabolizes the macros – fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.
  • Different trace elements that your body specifically needs to function at this best
  • Your susceptibility to different digestive problems in comparison to an average individual, such as celiac or lactose intolerance.
  • Your body’s ability to produce different enzymes. For example, those with a deficiency of GSTM1 enzyme may be required to get it from food.
  • Your predisposition to obesity, and other health conditions.
  • Retail price $299.00
  • Our introductory price $249.00  (includes one 30 minute consult with Robbie)


Test #2 The Genomaxx TM Nutrition and Fitness has two different tests to choose from:

A) The Genomaxx Weight Loss and Health Version:

This DNA analysis and 12-week plan examines 90+ SNPs associated with nutrition and fitness related genes that will give you a unique genetic insight to boost your metabolism and reshape your physique tailored to your genotype.  Increase Energy & Well Being and so much more with the results of this!

**Our introductory price $279.00 purchased before July 30th (includes one 30 minute consult with Robbie)

Retail Price $379.00

B) The Genomaxx Gain Mass Version:

This DNA analysis and 12-week plan examines 90+ SNPs associated with nutrition and fitness related genes that help with increasing muscle mass and recovery through periodization and progressive overload.

**Our introductory price $279.00 purchased before July 30th (includes one 30 minute consult with Robbie)

Retail Price $379.00


We are so excited to offer these amazing tools to help you reach your health and fitness goals!  Make a private or semi-private appointment with me soon and unleash your genetic potential! Email us at to set up your appointment and feel great for summer!

There’s a lot of exciting stuff going on and the opening of The Fountain Wellness Center is just days away!  Stay tuned!  We can’t wait to show you what we have to offer to help you stay healthy and well and this genetic testing is just the tip of the iceberg!  Don’t forget to Like The Fountain page on Facebook!

Tune in every Saturday at 11am 99.5FM or AM970 for The Raw Truth Health and Fitness show streaming live on wdcxradio!

Don’t forget to pick up our book The Raw Truth Recharge 7 Truths to Health and Fitness and join us on the WDCX Weight Loss Challenge leading up to Kingdom Bound!  Hope to see you at Kingdom Bound this year July 26th-29th!  Don’t miss out!  Go to for more info and to get your tickets!

Stay fit and healthy my friends and God Bless you!

With God’s Love,


Phil 4:13



Hello Friends!

I hope this finds you blessed, healthy and joyful!  There is so much going on lately I thought I’d give you an update!  First of all I have been so happy to see so many old and new faces in my classes at Catalyst and it’s been nothing but fun each and every time!  Every class seems like a reunion to me and you have blessed me so much with your kind words!  Members can bring a buddy with them to class each and every time and it can be the same person so if you want to be our guest let me know!  Also don’t forget to tell them you are following me when you join to get your enrollment fee waived.  People are still joining each and every week and it’s great to see everyone once again!  I teach every day/night except Friday and Sunday so check out my schedule below!

Spring Raw Truth Recharge Shape Up

I am offering a free 7 Truths to Health and Fitness Seminar this Saturday 5/6 at Catalyst Fitness in Williamsville on Wherle near Main at 2pm following my 1pm class.   Come and get recharged to look great and feel great for the summer and bring your friends!  We have 8 week classes just starting at other locations so contact us for more information.  I will also be offering a super market tour in May!

**Stay tuned as I have an exciting announcement on WDCX in a couple of weeks on how you can be part of the NEW Raw Truth Recharge 8 week Shape Up which is going to be so exciting!!!

Outer Harbor Class 10am Memorial Day 5/29! 

We are gearing up to kick the summer off on Memorial Day Monday 5/29 at Outer Harbor at 10am for a free RAW NRG Kickboxing boot camp class!  This is open to the public and people of all ages and fitness levels.  Invite your friends!  Just bring a towel, water and friends and let’s kick the summer off the right way with fun and fitness!  So mark your calendars for Memorial Day 5/29 and also Labor Day when we will be doing our second annual class!  I can’t wait!

Canalside Summer Classes

I have been invited to teach Raw NRG Kickboxing in the summer at Canalside every Wednesday!  I can’t do it every Wednesday out there but am working out a schedule with Catalyst so stay tuned for that!  My class will always still be offered indoors at the Eggert and Sheridan club on Mon/Wed 6:30pm  Should be fun to get outside more!!

The Health Family and Wealth Conference June 17th Oakville Canada

We are very excited to present the Health Family and Wealth Conference in Oakville Canada on Saturday June 17th!  It’s going to be awesome this year and I am very excited to be Speaking!  Go to

Kingdom Bound July 26th-29th

I’m so excited to be presenting 3 days once again at Kingdom Bound this year!  If you have never been to this festival, let me tell you it’s life changing. The line up of speakers and Concerts is incredible!   I hope you join me to stay over all 4 days.  Go to to get your tickets and info.

The Fountain Wellness Center

As you’ve heard The Raw Truth offices will be in the Fountain Wellness Center soon!  The facility is almost done and I can’t wait until you see it!  Complete with an industrial Kitchen for my NEW Raw Truth Recharge Cooking Classes, an Organic Hair Salon, and so much more! I will also be holding seminars, classes and that’s where my office will be where I will see many of my clients for their private consults.  We are expecting an opening in the next few weeks so stay tuned!  I hope you can come to the Grand Opening!

Raw Truth Recharge Recipe!

Raw Energy Superfood Cereal (from The Raw Truth Recharge Book)
(Organic Ingredients)

1 Tbsp. chia seeds,

1 Tbsp. of hulled hemp seeds

1 Tbsp. of ground flax seeds

1 Tbsp. of sunflower seeds

1 Tbsp. of sprouted pumpkin seed

1 Tbsp. of white mulberries

1/4 – ½ cup of fresh raspberries or blueberries

2 Tbsp of unsweetened coconut flakes

¼ cup of slivered almonds

1 cup of unsweetened almond milk


Raw NRG Classes at Catalyst!

Mon/Wed -Williamsville Club:  10:45am Raw Cuts Sculpt followed by Yoga at 11:45am

Mon/Wed – Eggert and Sheridan: 6:30pm Raw Interval Kick/Cuts Sculpt

Tuesday – Williamsville Club:  6pm Raw Cuts

Thursday – Williamsville Club:  7:15pm Raw NRG Kickboxing

Saturday – Williamsville Club:  1pm Raw Interval Kick/Cuts Sculpt


Don’t forget to tune into The Raw Truth Health and Fitness show every Saturday on 99.5FM or 970AM 11am and also to my segments on WKBW TV 7!

I think that’s it for now my friends!  Hope to see you soon!  God Bless you!

With His Love,


Phil 4:13



Hello friends –

Week two is almost in the books and it was so awesome seeing so many of you over the past two weeks.  The energy has been off the charts in Kickboxing, one hour felt like 5 minutes, and I already lost 5 lbs of sweat!  Ha!  I hadn’t seen many of you for years and I really missed everyone more than you know.  Our family is coming back together and it feels so good.

Many of you from the BAC have asked me what happened and why I made the decision.  I want you to know it was an extremely difficult decision because I love you all so very much.  But a couple things happened that made my decision clearer for me over the past few months.  There were several reasons and pieces to the puzzle that I won’t go into but I do want to say a few things and I apologize for the length of this.

First – I know it was a shock to many – and it has been 4 weeks now of upset/tears from many of you and trust me – me too.  Change is not easy and I never ever wanted to hurt anyone. I think you know me better than that!  There are many things that go on behind the scenes that people don’t see but you need to trust me that I wouldn’t make a decision like this lightly or make it without a lot of focused prayer.  I want to explain a couple things that I do want you to know in an effort to understand my heart.

Most importantly – I just want to say how much you all mean to me and how grateful I am for the years we’ve had together from Bally to the BAC.  I had the time of my life at both places and every time we are all together again it feels just like old times!  We have a bond that will never be broken.  People who have never experience what we experienced don’t get it.  But it was more than a workout, it was something I can’t put into words. You guys are amazing!

I knew the ship was sinking when I left BTF and went to the BAC.  It was so very sad seeing the Amherst club be knocked down.  I cried.  I know many of you felt the same way.  A 30 plus year chapter ended and it would never be the same – but then —-I thought maybe it could!!  Because it’s not where you are it’s who you’re with!

So many of us moved to the BAC coed clubs which was amazing.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I had for nearly 5 years at the BAC – and especially the new friendships I made.  You all are like family to me all over again.

Hundreds of BTF members had joined the BAC nearly 5 years ago and it felt like home again.  New friends and old friends – the circle got bigger and we all loved it.  I never wanted to leave.  I have been blessed by each and every one of you in ways you may never understand.  I believe our paths have crossed for a reason.

When the Bac sold the co-ed clubs we were split up again – I had a difficult time with all of that as I know many of you did.  You need to know – I did not expect that to happen.

Btw I never would have joined a “ladies only” gym losing our coed family.  I had no idea that was going to happen.  I did not want to go to a national chain for many reasons.  I appreciate the “home town” gyms who care about members – where I can work closely with the owner myself and things get done without all the red tape.  I was blessed to work hand in hand with the VP’s all those years at BTF even though it was National – and had the same at BAC.

When the split happened and we were all divided again at the BAC – Jeff and I along with a close circle of friends spent many months praying and trying to figure out how to get us all back together again to coed.  We tried UB – outdoors etc. – but we needed a gym.

When I taught the outter harbor event last Labor Day – I heard from so so many of you that you really wanted us to all get back together again permanently (we wanted the same), Jeff and I knew we had to do something.  I was praying for Gods will if it was meant to be – that He would direct our path – and He started to do just that.  It’s not about our plan for our lives – it’s about His plan and purpose for our lives.

At the same time God was stirring in my heart to go on another “assignment” and He started to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  The way it happened was only God.  He has the master plan – and He will always work for the good of those who know and follow Him.  Stepping out to something new isn’t always easy or comfortable but I knew he was stirring in my heart and leading the way.  I knew if I could help one new person take care of their temporary earth suit it was going to be worth it.

It was not an easy decision as many of you close to me saw first hand. I cried – a lot.  I was struggling with leaving the people I loved but still felt this was the right time and place to make the move.  More importantly – I felt God was leading the way.

I love my BAC friends, the members, classes, the owner Rick his wife JoAnne, Director Ellen and many of the staff.  I prayed about this a lot as you can imagine – had many meetings/conversations on both sides to try to figure how how to make it work.  I even proposed teaching at both clubs – the BAC in the morning and Catalyst in the evening.  It’s crazy to me that we can’t do that in this market but it is what it is.  Many of my night class friends had also been encouraging me for two years to do something to get us all back together.  The signs were all around me.

One of the things that helped make my decison was how the owner Amy at Catalyst agreed to meet all my terms and concerns, especially when it came to all of you.  She has been amazing – working with me and all of you coming over and making it possible and a no brainer for people to join like I have never seen in my entire career.  From waiving enrollment fees along with waiving many months of actual dues so people don’t have to pay two memberships, to offering the buddy deal where you can bring a buddy in for free each and every time you work out – and it can be the same person for the low cost of 19.99 per month all 6 clubs and amenities.  And finally our husbands, wives, significant other and friends can work out with us each and every time – and for free!  What is there not to like!

The fact that Jeff and I can work out again together was of course a main factor for us.  We no longer need to have three gym memberships or be apart 7 days a week to work out.  Yes we still have other interests but when in the gym it’s a fun date where we are getting fit and healthy with our like minded friends at the same time!  Btw – Do you know you are most like the 5 closest people you hang out with?  That’s another good reason to join a gym if you haven’t already!

So that’s it in a nutshell friends – I hope you understand my heart a bit more.

You don’t need to cancel memberships – if you want to check it out just come over, check out the clubs, my classes, the amenities and be my guest no strings attached and no pressure at all.  Come and get a weeks pass.  If you do decide to join ask them what they can work out for you since you have another memebership.  It’s really amazing what they have worked out for people on a one on one basis.

And on the other side of the coin, if you can’t come or want to stay where you are that’s okay too.  We are blessed with so many wonderful gyms, classes and instructors in this area, and we will always be connected.

I am grateful for the opportunity at Catalyst and excited about the future!  We are planning to do master classes at all the clubs, offer my seminars, healthy eating classes, along with many other exciting things outdoors and in doors, and I’m excited to join forces with this company that is truly on the move!  And I mean moving UP!

Hope to see you all soon!  Next class is this Saturday 1pm Williamsville right off the 290 to Main Street – Union/Wherle!  We have added two night classes on Tues/Thurs at Williamsville effective next week along with the 4 morning classes, Saturday class, and two classes at Eggert Sheridan!

So we’re not done yet my friends!  Here’s to the next chapter of getting Healthy and Fit – Mind – Body – Soul – Spirit!  You know – you need it!  I know I do!

I love you all – with Gods love –

Commit to the Lord, whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

PS:  My class schedule is below:

Monday & Wednesday – Williamsville

11am Raw Cuts Sculpt

12pm Raw Vinyasa Yoga

Monday and Wednesday – Eggert/Sheridan

6:30pm Raw NRG Kickboxing

Tuesday – Williamsville

6pm Raw Cuts Sculpt

Thursday – Williamsville

7pm – Raw HIIT Kick/Sculpt Fusion

Saturday – Williamsville

1pm – Raw HIIT Kick/Sculpt


Hello Friends,

By now you know that I will be joining Catalyst Fitness starting Monday 2/27/17.  Again as I said in my last blog, I will always be grateful for the memories and opportunities I had at the BAC, and all is good between us.  There is mutual respect on both sides and I will finish out my Recharge Healthy eating classes there over the next few weeks.

To the members, God places people in your life for a reason and I know our paths will cross again – so this isn’t goodbye, just like it wasn’t goodbye at Bally Total Fitness.  The bottom line is that it is simply time to move on where I can have more opportunity to live out what I believe is my calling.  I am excited about this new Chapter!

Many of your have dual memberships or are now getting dual memberships and it is a great way to stay motivated, connected with your like minded friends, and in shape!  Jeff and I have had 2-3 memberships at any given time as the rates are so reasonable these days, and you know my philosophy – you will spend the time and the money either way – health care of sick care – which is better for you?  I’d rather spend my time and money toward health care!

My Raw Truth Recharge Healthy Eating classes, Raw Truth Recharge Seminars, and my Signature Raw NRG Fitness Classes will then be offered at Catalyst.  My Healthy Eating classes will also continue to be offered at medical practices and I will be working out of the Fountain Wellness Center as soon as that is ready as well.  Look for details on my spring free health seminars and Healthy Eating classes soon as we start up again in March!

There have been a lot of questions about my classes, the clubs, and membership at Catalyst, so I wanted you to hear it from me.  First – Catalyst is graciously allowing anyone who is following me to try out the clubs or my classes without a commitment or signing a membership.  Simply tell them when you come in that I sent you and that you want to try out the club and my classes.  As always, my class size is limited to the room capacity, and first come first serve.  I’ve taught in Manhattan and on a cruise ship as you know so no room is too small (or too large) for me!  We always have made it work, and where there’s a will there’s a way.

Second – The membership at Catalyst currently is $19.99 per month all 6 locations all amenities including my classes.  There is also maintenance fee of $30.00 which is due once per year.  Now be sure to let them know you are following me as there is a $0 dollar enrollment fee!  That’s right – the enrollment fee is waived if you are joining because of my classes (for a limited time), even if you aren’t coming from another gym.  That’s great news for your friends, children and significant others who have been wanting to work out with you in my class!

Third – Many have asked if I can have my evening classes at the Williamsville location and yes that is in discussion and a possibility.  We wanted to put out a preliminary schedule that matched my current classes and then see where the majority of the people are coming from.  Since many of my current followers come from the Eggert/Sheridan/NF Blvd area and have been asking for years to get my class back out there – we thought we would start there.

My current preliminary schedule is as follows:

Mon/Wed 10:45am – Williamsville Raw Cuts Scuplt followed by 11:45am Raw Truth Yoga

Mon/Wed 6:30pm – Eggert/Sheridan Raw NRG HIIT Kickboxing

Saturday 1:00pm – Williamsville Raw NRG HIIT Kickboxing

Again you can come in and try any of these classes next week with no commitment or fee.

I can’t wait to laugh and sweat with my long time friends and meet new friends!  Jeff and I hope to see you all next Monday!  I am rested mentally and physically from our trip and ready to rock it!  Let’s take care of these temporary earth suits that we have been entrusted with and have a great time with great friends!

God Bless you all,


Phil 4:13



Dear Friends –

I have an important announcement to make, and I know some of you may have heard rumors.  First, I want you to know that this really isn’t about the plans I have made.  As much as we think we have control of the circumstances in our life; God has the master plan, and sometimes He will create events in your life to point you in the direction He wants you to go.
With that said, after a lot of focused prayer – I will be leaving the BAC for Women and joining the Catalyst Fitness team effective Monday 2/27/17.  My classes for the most part will match the times and days I have been teaching for many years.
I want you to know that this decision was not easy as I love the BAC members, Ellen, the staff and owner Rick L, who have been like family to me.  I will always be grateful for the opportunity I had and memories we made, and I thank you all for your support – from the bottom of my heart.
I have always prayed that God uses me wherever He wants even if it takes me outside my comfort zone of what I’m familiar with. Sometimes we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in order for God to use us, and to live out the plan He has for our life.  If you can figure out what your passion is, what your gifts are, and what the world needs more of – at the center of those three circles is your purpose. And then you need to let go let God use you “however”, “wherever” and “whenever”.   That is the desire of my heart – His will – His way – always.
I am excited about the awesome opportunities before me at Catalyst and their 6 club chain.  I know many people these days have multiple club memberships and if you aren’t a member there yet, Catalyst has an incredible deal for you! Please let them know you are my friends and family so that they know not to charge you an enrollment fee.
I will be teaching mostly out of the Williamsville as well as the Sheridan/Eggert/Boulevard locations.
Stay healthy, and God bless you all.  Thank you for your continued support and I hope I will see you soon!
With Gods Love –
In their hearts a man can plan their course,  but the Lord establishes their steps.
Proverbs 16:9

Dear Friends,

It’s only 1/2 way through Wednesday and already this week I have heard of two young people dying of a heart attack. I have met with 5 new people recently diagnosed with Cancer, nearly 1/2 dozen more diagnosed with Diabetes, heart disease, RA, etc. and others who don’t have any symptoms yet but clearly aren’t healthy. Just because you are free of symptoms does not mean you are healthy. In only once case did a Health Practitioner of these patients mention anything about Nutrition, refer them to a qualified Nutritionist/Health Practitioner etc. or remotely suggest that we can change our health through good nutrition and exercise, and quite frankly that is the norm, but it shouldn’t be.

We need health care not sick care, and you truly need to be your own health advocate. I commend anyone who’s being proactive about trying to prevent, reverse disease and change their health. Fight with your insurance company to pay for Healthy Eating Programs and Gym Memberships instead of just sick care which costs a lot more for everyone, and could cost you your life.

In my 35 plus years in the Health and Fitness industry – I’ve learn that most people think they are eating right and 9 times out of 10 they are not. They are sabotaged by cravings they can’t control and they are mis-informed on what to eat.

Take control of your health people before someone else does, and get help from someone who is experienced and qualified in HEALTH Care not just sick care. You know my mantra – You will spend the tme and the money either way – on health care or sick care. Which is better for you? None of us are guaranteed tomorrow no matter what your recent diagnosis is.

We all need to take care of this temporary earth suit so that we can wake up tomorrow with breath in our lungs, a beating heart and blood running through our veins! Spend the time and the money being proactive – or spend your time and money on drugs, doctor appointments, diagnostic tests, surgeries etc. You are still living. LIVE. And give it your all.

Come to a free Healthy Eating Seminar and bring your friends. I will give them the Raw Truth, even if it’s difficult to hear.

With His Love,


Phil 4:13

Robbie’s Speaking Engagements 2017


7 Truths about Health and Fitness


Tuesday January 10th 6:30pm Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine, Williamsville NY


Thursday January 12th 12:30pm BAC for Women Evans, Williamsville NY


Thursday January 19th – 7pm The City Church of Batavia, Batavia NY


Thursday January 26th – 6:30pm Alden Community Church , Alden NY


Saturday January 28th – Toronto Canada – 12:30-3:40pm Health/Family/Wealth Conference –


Tuesday February 7th – Holistic Alliance WNY – 7pm Audubon Library Amherst NY


Thursday February 9th 6:15pm Inner Balance Chiropractic – Amherst NY


Saturday March 25th NYC – ECA360 World Fitness Conference Times Square


July 26th-29th Kingdom Bound Conference Darien Lake, Darien, NY


Email for more info!

Dear Friends,
I hope you are enjoying this wonderful Holiday Season!  I know I have been in my glory with my family in town!  I pray you have a blessed, safe, healthy and prosperous New Year!
So it’s time to get those New Years resolutions down on paper!  Of course the number one resolution every year is to lose weight, work out and eat healthy!  Here’s the sad part, only 8% of those who make new years resolutions actually keep them!  We want to help you achieve your goals and yesterday you said tomorrow so let’s get started!
People had so much success with our 7 day sugar detox we decided to run it again!  Of course our Free Health Seminars are always a hit along with our 8 week Healthy Eating Classes!  Classes are filling up fast so be sure to pre-register!
7 day Sugar Detox and Supermarket Tour with Robbie:
Tues Jan 3rd Tuesday 12:30pm BAC Evans
Wed Jan 4th Wednesday 7:45pm BAC Evan
*The optional Supermarket tour is the following week for both the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions.
$25.00 per class x 1 or 2 classes
Fee includes:
Detox handouts and instructions
Menu handouts and instructions
Recipes handouts and instructions
Discussion on label reading, fats, sugars, grains, etc.
Supermarket Tour for class #2 (optional)
Motivation and Teaching from Robbie Raw
Post Detox handouts and instructions
Private facebook group
Optional Weight and body Fat Check
Optional Supplements Available for purchase
Please email and reserve your spot at
Free Health seminars with Robbie:
Learn eat this not that and why and get motivated to get and stay on track with Robbie!  Two sessions to choose from –
Tuesday Jan 10th 6:30pm Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine
Thurs. Jan 12th 12:30pm  BAC Evans
Men – Women and non-members are welcome!
8 week Healthy Eating Classes Start with Robbie (and staff):
Tuesday January 17th at 6:30pm Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine
Thursday January 19th at 12:30pm BAC Evans
$199.00 for 8 weeks early bird rate ($225.00 after start of first class)
Fee includes:
7-14 Day Detox handouts and instructions
Menu handouts and instructions
Recipes handouts and instructions
Discussion on label reading, fats, sugars, grains, etc.
Supermarket Tour
Motivation and Teaching from Robbie Raw
Post Detox handouts and instructions
Private facebook group
Optional Weight and body Fat Check

Please email and reserve your spot at

A 100.00 non refundable deposit will hold your spot for class. First come first serve.

**Mail $100.00 Deposit to:

Please Mail Payment to:

The Raugh Truth LLC

PO Box 523

Williamsville, NY 14231

Please email and reserve your spot at

Contact Robbie for more details…

1:1 privates sessions also available

For more information go to or
Don’t delay!  Remember you will spend the time and the money either way – either preventing disease or treating it.  Which is better for you?
Don’t forget to tune in every Saturday at 11am for The Raw Truth Health and Fitness show on 99.5FM or 970AM.  Streaming live world wide on your phone or device.   Also watch my Raw Truth segments on WKBW TV AM Buffalo!  
Kindest Regards,
Phil 4:13
Hello there!
Cut the cravings, keep on track, lose weight and body fat, decrease bloating, increase your energy or get back on track after Thanksgiving with a hot off the press brand NEW 7 day Sugar Detox and Cleanse with Robbie Raugh!
This detox cleanse is complete with menus, recipes, post detox, everything you need to know to feelgr8 and lookgr8 plus Robbie Raugh’s motivation and expertise!
Join us on 11/30 at 7:35pm after Robbie’s Kickboxing/Sculpt Class
12/6 at 12:30pm and learn the new cleanse to start the following day (or whenever you decide to start – it’s up to you)!
**Class two is a supermarket tour with Robbie on her favorite groceries!
There are day and evening sessions:
Evening Dates: Wednesday 11/30/16 (BAC Evans) and Wednesday 12/7 (Supermarket Tour)
Evening Times: 7:45pm-9:00pm
Daytime Dates: Tuesday 12/6 (BAC Evans) and 12/13 (Supermarket Tour)
Daytime Times: 12:30pm-1:45pm
$25.00 per class x 2
Fee includes:
Detox handouts and instructions
Menu handouts and instructions
Recipes handouts and instructions
Discussion on label reading, fats, sugars, grains, etc.
Supermarket Tour for class #2
Motivation and expertise from Robbie Raw
Post Detox handouts and instructions
Private facebook group
Optional Weight and body Fat Check
Optional Supplements Available for purchase
Non members of the BAC and men welcome!
Please RSVP ahead so we have enough materials available. You can RSVP by emailing
Space is limited so don’t delay. Please pre-register and pay up front if at all possible so we don’t need to waste time in class doing that.
Please Mail Payment to:

The Raugh Truth LLC

PO Box 523

Williamsville, NY 14231

Thank you!
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