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Are you feeling sick and thick and tired?  Do you want to increase your energy and muscle mass while decreasing your body fat at the same time as boosting your immune system to prevent or reverse disease?  Your not alone and there is strength in numbers!!  As a Registered Nurse and Integrative Health and Nutrition Practitioner with 35+ years in the Health and Fitness Industry – you know you are in good hands.  I have studied over 200 dietary theories in my career and my track record speaks for itself.  Be your own health advocate. With rising health care costs, you can’t afford not to!

It takes time and money to be healthy – but you will spend the time and the money either way.  You will either spend the time and the money treating disease or you will spend the time and the money preventing disease.  Which is better for you?  Contact me for a personal or group consultation and let’s get you started on your journey of health.  It’s not rocket science, but there is a science to it!

 You heard about it, read about it, thought about it now all you have to do is make the decision to do it! 

Robbie offers motivational and educational seminars on many topics including:
7 Truths to Health and Fitness
When Cancer, Food and God Meet
The Anti-Cancer Diet
Healthy Eating
Healthy Cooking
and more!
Contact Robbie at for more information.
Raw Truth Health Seminars and 4-8 Week Healthy Eating Classes

classes cover:
7- 14 Day Detox and Retox
Cutting Cravings
The Right Fats and Grains
Supermarket Tour
The Anti-Cancer Protocol
The Anti-inflammatory Protocol
Cooking Clean
Healthy Kitchens
Label Reading

Managing Stress and sleep
Low Glycemic Eating

Preventing and reversing disease with plant based eating (we also discuss animal based diets) 
The Right Supplementation and more!

Classes run 1.5 hours per week.  Day and evening sessions available at various locations.

Please email and reserve your spot at

A 100.00 non refundable deposit will hold your spot for 4-12 week classes.

Raw Truth Recharge Class Tuition:
$25.00 for supermarket tour 
$30.00 for cooking class
$125.00 for 4 week classes
$225.00 for 8 weeks classes
$325.00 for 12 weeks classes

**For 4-12 week classes mail $100.00 deposit to reserve your spot:

Please Mail Payment to:

The Raugh Truth LLC

PO Box 523

Williamsville, NY 14231

Please email and reserve your spot at

Cancellation fee $50.00 

Contact Robbie for more details…

1:1 privates sessions also available.  Contact Robbie at for more information.

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet & in the cause and prevention of disease.” 
~ Thomas Edison

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Essential Oils




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