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You heard about it, read about it, thought about it.  Now all you have to do is make the decision to do it – learn eat this not that and why!!   Register to attend one of our FREE Healthy Eating Seminars Today and learn how you can change the way you look, feel and live!  Reserve your place by emailing

Come to the 1pm Raw Truth NGR  Interval Training Classes, then attend a Free Seminar right after!  The free Healthy Eating seminars have an optional 7-12 day Detox program available for $25.00 and an optional Sunday Supermarket Tour available for $25.00

Saturday Jan. 20th –  2pm – Williamsville Catalyst   770 Wehrle Drive   Cheektowaga
Saturday Feb. 10th – 2pm –   Lancaster Catalyst –    1402 French Road    Depew

Saturday Mar.  10th – 2pm – Elmwood Catalyst –   1999 Elmwood Ave   Buffalo

Saturday Apr. 21st – 2pm –  Williamsville Catalyst   770 Wehrle Drive   Cheektowaga
Saturday May 12th – 2pm –  Lancaster Catalyst –   1402 French Road     Depew
Saturday Jun. 9th – 2 pm –   Elmwood Catalyst –   1999 Elmwood Ave   Buffalo


You’ve heard about it, read about it, thought about it, now just do it!   Join Robbie and her team for a 4 week healthy eating and detox class to lose weight, or stay or get healthy!  Lose 10 – 20 lbs in 4 weeks!   You can jump start your metabolism, detox, or just clean up your diet and get motivated with like minded people!  Find out about Robbie’s life long experience,  listen to her expertise and secrets for Health and Fitness!

Four weeks for $125.00.  Includes 4 sessions, handouts, recipes, food tastings, and the best Vitamin supplement on the planet.

A $50.00 deposit will save your spot. You can send via Check, Paypal or venmo to Robbie.  Classes held  at the Fountain Wellness Center 8469 Sheridan Drive Williamsville, NY 14221.

You can’t afford not to do this. Do it as if your life depends on it because when it comes to your health, truly – it does matter.  If you miss January out next classes start March (dates coming soon)!


Dates coming soon!   Attend either live in person or thru our new upcoming virtual format!

Past grads and couples get a discount so ask us for more info! Email Robbie at to register. Space is limited!  Pay 50.00 deposit to hold your spot via Venmo, Paypal or mail check deposit to:
The Raugh Truth
c/o The Fountain Wellness Center
8469 Sheridan Drive
Williamsville, NY 14221



Lose 25 – 50 pounds in 12 weeks.  Increase your energy, cut cravings, decrease your body fat, increase your muscle mass, decrease pain and inflammation, decrease your chances of disease, and just get healthy!  You can work out an hour a day but can you control what you put on your plate the other 23 hours?  That’s where my coaches and I come in.  Attend the free seminar first, followed by the 12 Week Class.

The 12 week Healthy Eating Class will help you to change the way you look, feel and live.  The 1.5 hour weekly sessions include:
7- 14 Day Detox and Re-tox, Cutting Cravings, The Right Fats and Grains, Supermarket Tour, The Anti-Cancer Protocol, The Anti-inflammatory Protocol, Cooking Clean, Healthy Kitchens, Label Reading, Managing Stress and sleep, Low Glycemic Eating, The Right Supplementation,  Preventing and reversing disease with plant based eating (we also discuss animal based diets) and MORE!

Attend the free seminar or the 12 Week classes either live in person or thru our new upcoming virtual format (from the comfort of your home)

Date for Free Seminar: 

Monday January 29th 6:30pm at Buffalo Spine & Sports Medicine – 100 College Parkway, Suite 100,  Williamsville, NY

Date for Healthy Eating – Let Food be thy Medicine Classes:

Monday February 5th  6:30pm at Buffalo Spine & Sports Medicine – 100 College Parkway, Suite 100, Williamsville, NY

Cost for the 12 Week Class  is $325.00 and includes weekly classes and recipes, handouts, talk on healthy cooking, food tastings, Supermarket Tour, Supplements and more!   Classes fill quickly so don’t wait!  Register for class by sending an email to Robbie at to reserve your place.

A $100.00 deposit is required for this class.  Checks should be made to “The Raugh Truth LLC” and can be mailed to:

The Raugh Truth LLC

c/o the Fountain Wellness Center

8469 Sheridan Drive

Williamsville, NY 14221

Cancellation fee $50.00 



Are you feeling sick and thick and tired?  Do you want to increase your energy and muscle mass while decreasing your body fat at the same time as boosting your immune system to prevent or reverse disease?  You’re not alone and there is strength in numbers!!  As a Registered Nurse and Integrative Health and Nutrition Practitioner with 35+ years in the Health and Fitness Industry – you know you are in good hands.  I have studied over 200 dietary theories in my career and my track record speaks for itself.  Be your own health advocate. With rising health care costs, you can’t afford not to!

It takes time and money to be healthy – but you will spend the time and the money either way.  You will either spend the time and the money treating disease or you will spend the time and the money preventing disease.  Which is better for you?

Let’s get you started on your journey of health.  We offer personal or group consultations, Free Healthy Eating Seminars, 12 Week Healthy Eating Classes, One-on-One Sessions and NEW Genetic DNA Sports and Nutrition Testing and Cooking Classes!


RAW TRUTH RECHARGE COOKING CLASSES!  — The Fountain Wellness Center – 8469 Sheridan Dr, Buffalo, NY 14221

It’s all about the Food and Ingredients!  Come join us by experiencing some fun, nutritious and delicious recipes. We make and sample three delicious recipes in each class.   Register today by filling out this form, or sending an email to   Don’t miss out, reserve your place today!

Next Class is – Friday February 16th 12pm  – Two warm Hearty Dishes plus dessert!

Cost per person is $35.00 per class with a preregistration of  at least 7 days before.   Otherwise $40.00.   No walk-ins please.
Register by emailing  and reserve your place.   Send a deposit  check made to “The Raugh Truth LLC”  to:

The Raugh Truth LLC

PO Box 523

Williamsville, NY   14231



Along with Healthy Eating Classes and private consultations – Robbie offers genetic sports and nutrition testing to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  What does this mean?

Your genes can affect your energy, motivation, metabolism, injury risk, recovery, mental focus, eating habits, pain intolerance, aerobic capacity, food intolerance, body composition, nutrition requirements, exercise performance and more.  You can’t change your DNA but you can change the way they express themselves based on food and nutraceuticals, which in turn directly affects your health, well-being and body composition.

We can now develop personalized recommendations for your health, nutrition, workout, and more all based on your unique genetic profile with comprehensive genetic test with up to 90 genetic markers developed by world-renowned researchers. The genetic tests are based on the most robust scientific evidence available.  Your DNA is analyzed using a simple saliva sample to provide you a solution for your weight loss, muscle gain, nutrition needs, fitness and overall health.

Weight Loss/Body Composition

For those who desire weight loss – using the findings of the nutrigenomic tests, we can develop a genetically appropriate diet plan allowing you to lose up to 3x more weight as compared to using a conventional diet plan.    You will receive food recommendations, meal plan samples, macronutrient breakdown, caloric needs, vitamin & mineral suggestions and more!


A) The Genomaxx  Nutrition / Weight Loss and Health Version:

This DNA analysis and 12-week plan examines 90+ SNPs associated with nutrition and fitness related genes that will give you a unique genetic insight to boost your metabolism and reshape your physique tailored to your genotype.  Increase Energy & Well Being and so much more with the results of this!   **Our introductory price $299.00    Retail Price $479.00

 B) The Genomaxx  Nutrition / Gain Mass Version:

This DNA analysis and 12-week plan examines 90+ SNPs associated with nutrition and fitness related genes that help with increasing muscle mass and recovery through periodization and progressive overload.   **Our introductory price $299.00    Retail Price $479.00

We are so excited to offer these amazing tools to help you reach your health and fitness goals!  Contact me for a private or semi-private appointment with soon and unleash your genetic potential!

To request DNA testing, send an email to to set up your appointment and feel great look great!



Robbie offers one on one private sessions.  Please send email to for more information.



Robbie offers motivational and educational seminars. To schedule Robbie to speak at your event email   She speaks on many topics including:

  • 7 Truths to Health and Fitness
  • When Cancer, Food and God Meet
  • The Anti-Cancer Diet
  • Healthy Eating
  • Healthy Cooking
  • and more!


NEED SUPPLEMENTATION?   You can Order Supplements online by going to


Check out Essential Oils and their many benefits.  Essential Oils


“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet & in the cause and prevention of disease.” 
~ Thomas Edison




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